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Ewenny: Priory Church of St Michael Glass Screen

The 22sqm screen was designed by glass artist Alexander Beleschenko using enamel painted antique glass bonded to toughened glass panes for structural strength.  The screen was installed in 2006 as part of wider reordering works undertaken at Ewenny, a fortified 1126 Norman church in South Wales, by Caroe and Partners Architects.  The new screen divides the nave which is used as a parish church from the eastern monastic end which is under Cadw's guardianship.  The glass panels are held within a purpose made stainless steel framework which is clamped to the ancient stonework of the pulpitum arch to avoid the need for screw fixings.  The screen is a representation of the resurrection of Christ represented in a cross set in clouds of glory.  Butterflies, inspired by a rare species found in Ewenny, symbolise the resurrection of the Christian soul.

Other works included the reconstruction of the ruinous western end of the nave, to provide facilities for the Parish, the display of early Christian monuments within the transept and crossing, repair of external walls and roofs and internal limewashing and the provision of ramped access throughout much of the Priory church.

Photo credit Alexander Beleschenko