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Ewenny Priory

The Priory church of St Michael at Ewenny, Glamorgan, is a fine Norman church dating from the early 12th century.   Originally a Benedictine monastery it was taken into private ownership after the Dissolution.  The nave became the Parish church and the remainder became ruinous.   Restored in the late 19th and 20th centuries the eastern arm is now in the guardianship of Cadw.

The practice has been responsible for the repair and conservation of the parish church, including conservation of lime plaster surfaces, repaving the floors and reordering of the nave altar and the restoration of the ruinous western bay to create ancillary accommodation.

More recently, working for Cadw, we have extended the conservation of the fabric into the crossing and transept including conservation of wall paintings and plasters, the provision of heating and new lighting and repaving the floors in like manner to the nave.