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Caroe & Partners specialise in the repair and conservation of traditional buildings and new build in historic contexts.

With our long history of caring for historic buildings of all types our experienced staff are able to tailor our approach to the specific requirements of each project, mindful of the special qualities which contribute to the building’s significance, character and identity.  We will advise on strategic approaches to the long-term care of old buildings that enable our clients to take a holistic approach and prioritise works effectively.  Our advice as to work that is not necessary, or which can reasonably be deferred, is often as valued as our recommendations for intervention.

We believe that this specialism requires imagination, creativity and innovation as well as the confidence to ensure minimum intervention to historic fabric consistent with ensuring long-term viability of the building.  Each project is approached individually and we always aim to maximise the potential of the building or place.

In circumstances where it may be necessary to seek the advice of an archaeologist, expert consultant, conservator or craftsman we are able to suggest suitable specialists and to coordinate teams to deliver well balanced and well considered solutions.