Offices in:

Caroe & Partners provide the skills, knowledge and experience in all aspects of heritage consultancy, which enable us to provide our clients with a wide range of integrated services. These include:

ŸUnderstanding and Recording 
With an in-house archaeologist with exceptional experience in the interpretation of historic sites and standing structures we are able to provide informed solutions to repairs, alterations and new developments.

ŸHistoric & Archival Research

ŸStudies and Reports
We prepare Conservation Plans, Fabric Condition Reports, Heritage Impact Assessments and specialist documents such as pew surveys.

ŸStrategic Planning
We specialise in providing conservative approaches for long-term repair and maintenance of historic buildings and sites.

An essential aspect of our work is early engagement with authorities such as English Heritage, Cadw, Local Authorities, the Amenity Societies, Diocesan Advisory Committees and others.  This ensures a constructive dialogue to minimise the risk of project delay

We are able to advise on accessibility in historic environments and balance the potentially conflicting needs to achieve access for all whilst preserving significant features of a site.